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Within my practice I work with attachment theory, Somatic integration and a trauma informed lens, depending on your own individual needs we assess this together.

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Complete Presence


Individual Therapy

A one on one 60 minute session where you bring your topic, you lead the way and space is held for you to be heard, validated and cared for.

Wild Plant

Mindfulness and Meditation

A space to learn self regulation and integration tools, where you are taught how the mind, body and spirit are one! Marty gears all mindfulness and meditative teachings to the topic at hand and guides you from the basics, of the "why it works" to the how being present is supposed to feel.

Trauma Therapy

A specific approach that recognizes and understands the integration of our past into the present. Where you are taught about feelings, beliefs and behaviors and where you are guided to understand and love yourself. A space where you learn to become your own expert. 



Treatment for panic, phobias, social anxiety and more, learn why anxiety exists and how your body speaks to you in those moments, What is "too much" anxiety and what is "just enough".

Small Green Plants


How to improve conflict, communication, intimacy, and boundaries within one of the most meaningful relationships. You will learn about differentiation and the importance of how you show up in your relationship. Learn the dynamics of how our pasts are always a part of what we bring to the present.

Green Leaves

Boundary Work
& Building

Boundaries.. what are they and what do boundaries mean? Bringing you from porous and rigid to healthy and secure. Boundaries mean you honor yourself while still caring for others.

"Our experiences in life and the relationships we keep both heal and transform us."

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