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About Marty-Leigh Neufeld


My practice was created very plainly to help in any way I can. I am here to assist you in finding your voice, to design new and effective ways to address your concerns and to help you better understand your discomfort. I believe that the goal of therapy is to find a way to live presently and learn to be comfortable with the history we all carry with us.

How we feel today will carry us through to tomorrow and a happier, healthier future. I am passionate about listening to others and want my clients to feel a sense of belonging. You alone have the capacity and hold the answers in moving forward. Trust in you!

I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor and a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

Who I am and how I show up in this life is as a mother of two, a daughter, a friend and a confidant. My relationship list is lengthy as are most. I am aware that life presents us with paths that sometimes feel bumpy and unregulated.  It is these paths that dictate the moves we make and whether they enhance or stifle our growth.


When I think of “therapy”, I imagine a space that emanates warmth, shelter, and is a safe place where we are free to be comfortable in our most vulnerable selves. I believe it takes a special skill to not only be with someone in times of weakness but to also to be able to stand with them through their triumphs.


It has been through my own personal journey that I empathize with the challenges and the stresses that reaching out for help and integration can cause. We need someone who knows just the right time to speak and the right things to say or NOT! Therapy is a very personal experience and should be treated as such. Everyone’s story is different including my own. It has been through this journey that has lead me to help others. One of my most valuable lessons in all of this is that it is our voice that we must listen to, the one we must learn to trust, and the one who knows us best. “We can not get it wrong”.

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My objective is to help you in the process of finding your voice, to share my knowledge so you become your own expert, to help you design new and effective ways that address your concerns and most of all to help you learn to be curious about yourself. I believe that the goal of therapy is to find a way to presently live and be comfortable with the history we all carry with us. How we feel today carries us through to that future place where most of us find our “anxiety”. I am passionate about where we all come from and my intentions are for my clients too have a sense of belonging and personal well being.


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